2019 Mountain Sky Conference Journal

Graphic for 2019 Mountain Sky Conference

Provided below are the 2019 Mountain Sky Conference Journal files.  If you wish to print the entire document, please click on the "The Complete 2019 Mountain Sky Conference Journal" PDF that is at the top of the list. If you wish to scroll individual sections, please refer to the separated documents below. They are smaller files and will download faster than the entire Journal.

If you have questions about the annual conference journal, please email communications@mtnskyumc.org.

The Complete 2019 Mountain Sky Conference Journal (Updated)

Front Cover

Table of Contents (Updated)

A. Historical Sessions (Updated)

B. Leadership

C. Church Directory

D. Clergy Directory

E. Laity Directory

F. Daily Proceedings

G. Certificate of Ordination

H. Business of the Annual Conference

I. Appointment List

J. Clergy Compensation

K. Reports

L. Petitions and Resolutions

M. Procedural Rules of the Conference

N. Standing Rules

O. Memoirs

P. Roll of Honored Dead

Q. Clergy Service Records

R. Statistical Reports

S. Index

Related Agencies

Back Cover