Clergy Coaching for Action Learning

Coaching Cohorts

  • Eight (8) Sessions (weekly) 
    • Session 1 is introductory 
    • Sessions 2-8 focus on participants’ sharing  
  • Professional Coach / Spiritual Director as Facilitator
  • Seven (7) Clergy Participants per cohort (as nominated by Cabinet - 1 per district) *Coaching 35 clergy per year (with scholarships from LD)
  • Crossroads Ministry Platform will host cohort (private cohorts) - all participants must join cohort and check platform weekly or more frequently
  • $40 cost to participant for 8-week cohort ($245 is covered by LD area)

Benefits of Group Coaching Modality

  • Development of Deep Listening and Engagement with Others
  • Action-Oriented Goals for Meeting Challenges 
  • Leaning into the Vulnerability of Sharing with a Group of Colleagues
  • Following a Covenant for Group Sharing and Confidentiality
  • Encouraging Others During the Shared Journey of a Cohort
  • Accountability to the Group and Facilitator to Move Forward with Goals
  • Support of Colleagues and a Trained Facilitator 
  • Builds support system and allows for greater problem solving

Clergy Feedback



  Ben Kiker, Performance Coach

Ben Kiker is a performance coach with an active ingredient that helps people get into action -- and build resilience to stay in action -- for meaningful, lasting change. After a successful career as a Chief Marketing Officer of notable Silicon Valley companies, Ben 'hit the wall' and found himself overwhelmed, struggling, and in fear. Today Ben lives with a passion for meaningful relationships, meaningful experiences, and meaningful work. His personal journey of transformation led him to found the Ben Kiker Group, which provides business, executive, and recovery coaching. Ben's energy, abundant spirit, and bias for action have sparked change in people around the world. You can learn more about Ben at his website Be sure to follow Ben on Instagram for In The Moment coaching tips and resilience techniques.

    Rev. Dr. Lisa Withrow, Transition and Leadership Coach

Rev. Dr. Lisa Withrow holds a Ph.D. in leadership studies, and is a former parish pastor, leadership professor, and academic dean. In addition to pastoring and teaching experience, Withrow’s Gestalt coaching (GPCC) and Team Coaching (GTCI) certifications inform her vocation through her business, Withrow works with leaders and teams in corporate and small business sectors, nonprofit organizations and churches/synagogues. She also facilitates an international coaching hub that is developing an institute for catalytic coaching, supported by the Presencing Institute at MIT. Withrow is an adjunct teacher for seminaries and publishes books on transitional leadership (“Leadership in Unknown Waters”, 2020; “Crossing Thresholds,” co-author, 2021; “The Liminal Loop,” co-author, forthcoming 2022).

  • Lisa Withrow, Ph.D. - Leadership Studies (Independent Scholar and Writer)
  • ICF Certified Leadership Coach (ICF/ACC, BCC, GPCC, EMCC/GTCI)
    • Consultant - Conflict Management, Leadership Development

For more information contact:

Rev. Annie Arnoldy, Superintendent of Leadership Development