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At the 2018 Joint Annual Conference in Ogden, Utah, two traditions of mission fundraising from each conference will be highlighted. Yellowstone's Tug-o-Love will be held at the Mission Dinner and Celebration the evening of Friday, June 8, and Rocky Mountain's Bridge of Love Offering will take place the morning of Saturday, June 9.

This year, the teams for the Tug-o-Love will be comprised of people from Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain conferences. Each team will represent a disaster – not to imply that they are a disaster – but because the money raised will support disaster response and the Angola Pastors project.

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Prayer Room

All congregations in the Mountain Sky Area are invited to bring a 5-by-7 or smaller picture of their church building or gathering space to Annual Conference for the prayer room at Annual Conference. There will be a space in the prayer room to hang the pictures as another way to pray with and for each other as the church faces changes through outcomes of Mission Shaped Future and The Way Forward. If more convenient, email the picture to to be printed and taken to Annual Conference. If you have questions or need more information, please email or call 719-873-5311.

Ordination and Memorial Services

  • Clergy, please bring your robe and a red Pentecost stole for the Ordination Service. Meet in the hallway at 8:15 a.m. on Sunday to process into the ballroom.
  • The worship team invites all to bring a small vial of water for the Memorial Service at 7:15 p.m. on Thursday. This water will be mixed together to bless the community during worship.

Transportation to Ogden, UT

For more information visit the transportation page.

UMCOR Kits for Annual Conference

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) collects hygiene, school, and cleaning kits for distribution within the United States. Kits help sustain everyday life for people who lack ready access to essential supplies when a disaster strikes.

This year, the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone conferences will collect any of the three kits at Annual Conference. Each church can decide whether to collect all of the items needed for a kit, or just focus on two or three items. The kit supplies will be sorted and assembled during the Immersion Project time on Friday, June 9. If someone from your church is riding a charter bus to Annual Conference, there will be room on the buses for the supplies. See the list of items for each kit here.

Please remember:

  • All items must be new.
  • Do not wash any of the items as they will then be considered used.
  • UMCOR will purchase toothpaste in bulk. Collect any money towards toothpaste and put in a separate envelope.
  • All emergency kits are carefully planned to make them usable in the greatest number of situations.
  • Do not include any personal notes, money, or additional material in the kits. These things must be painstakingly removed and will delay the shipment.

If you have any questions, contact Sally McConnell.

Blueprint for Wellness

HealthFlex participants are eligible to complete their Blueprint for Wellness screening at the Annual Conference Session. This screening is offered from 5:30 to 9:30 a.m. June 8 and 9. Blueprint for Wellness is a comprehensive “biometric” screening that provides information about your heart, liver, kidney function, cholesterol, blood sugar control, thyroid function, iron and more!

Mountain Sky Area Clergy Absences

It is the duty and requirement of our shared covenant to attend all sessions of annual conference each year, including Sunday morning. If you are unable to attend any part of annual conference, please notify your district superintendent and the Conference Secretary, Rev. Elizabeth McVicker (, via email with the following information: your name, the days you will be absent and the compelling reason for your absence. No other form is required. The Conference Secretary will report those who have indicated their absence to the Cabinet for follow-­up.

2016 Book of Discipline ¶ 602.8 "It is the duty of every member and all probationers and local pastors of the Annual Conference to attend its sessions and furnish such reports in such form as the Discipline may require. Any such person unable to attend shall report by letter to the conference secretary, setting forth the reason for the absence. Should any ordained minister in active service be absent from the session of the Annual Conference without a satisfactory reason for the absence, the matter shall be referred by the conference secretary to the Board of Ordained Ministry."

1992 Book of Discipline ¶ 309.1 "...The diaconal minister shall attend the sessions of the Annual Conference. Any diaconal minister unable to attend shall report by letter to the bishop setting forth the reason for the absence."

Awards and Recognitions

Funds are currently available for local church histories from the J. Alton Templin Fund. To learn more about this award and ways to qualify, click here!