Rules and Petitions

Conference Rules

Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Standing Rules and Operating Procedures

Yellowstone Annual Conference Standing Rules and Operating Procedures (coming soon)

Procedural Rules of the 2018 Joint Annual Conference Session


As we get closer to the 2018 Mountain Sky Area Joint Annual Conference Session, information about submitting petitions as well as received petitions will be publicly posted here. Use the link below to view the petitions for each annual conference.

2018 Joint Annual Conference Petitions Page

Legislative Process

The Mountain Sky Area will be using Robert's Rules of Order throughout our legislative process at Annual Conference, which can be a bit challenging for those who are not well versed in parliamentary procedure. To prepare for conference and familiarize yourself with Robert's Rules of Order, please look over the following documents:

A Guide to the Legislative Process for the Mountain Sky Area

Robert's Rules of Order - A Quick Overview for the Mountain Sky Area