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Photo of Chris Carr

Chris Carr

District Superintendent

The Trinity District covers 44,000 square miles of Eastern and Southern Colorado.  From the border with Nebraska in the north to the borders with Oklahoma and New Mexico in the south, and from the border with Kansas on the east to the San Juan Mountains in the west, our people live on the plains, in the mountains, and in valleys.  We know Jesus walked all these terrains, as well, so we celebrate that he is right at home here with the people called Methodist!

Jesus also knows the terrain of our hearts, and what it is like to bring God's good news to a broken and hurting world.  The people of the Trinity District strive to be a vital, grace-filled, transformative presence as we invite Christ to live in and through us in all the places we find ourselves called to serve.  I hope you'll find the congregation nearest to you and join in the journey to know and love God, creation, yourself, and your neighbor more fully each day. 

Kathy Jones
District Administrator

Address: 310 W. 11th St., Pueblo, CO 81003-2805
Office phone: (719) 546-1523

Major Rettig
Congregational Resource Minister
(303) 523-3626
Sarah Rettig
Congregational Resource Minister
(720) 226-3566

District Co-Lay Leaders:
(970) 526-6534
(719) 852-5571
(719) 263-5328

District Co-Lay Servant Directors:

Gene Haning

Ken Hazlitt

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