Session 6: Find Your Foundation

This helps a team look through the results of the Readiness 360. 

The Readiness 360 report helps congregations gain shared, unprecedented insight as to where they are so that any new vision, goal or ministry becomes more achievable.

Each church in the Mountain Sky Conference can use the Readiness 360. 

Contact Dawn Lemons to get started.

Information about beginning the Readiness 360 can be found on the website (

Use this resource after the Readiness 360 report has been provided to a church team.

By the end of this Session, the church team will come up with 1 experiment, a simple thing, that can be done in the next 60 days to achieve a quick win in your area of strength.


To Thine Own Self Be True - Session 6, Video 1


Build from Your Strengths - Session 6, Video 2


Deploy! - Session 6, Video 3


Videos are also available here.