About United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM)

The United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) movement arose spontaneously out of the local church, as United Methodists felt called to express their faith through “hands-on” mission. UMVIM enables the participation of Methodists in global mission volunteer programs so that affirming, empowering, and trusting relationships are established and the love of God is made visible.


Living our faith is at the very heart of our Christian calling and reflects the purpose that has grown out of our understanding of who we are and what we want to be: those who express “Christian Love in Action.” The understanding that “we are called” and “we are sent” is at the foundation of our faith. There is no place on this planet where we are not called to go if there is a need. There is no place on this planet where we do not have the opportunity to receive those who understand themselves to have been sent.


Mission volunteers have an increasingly important role to play. The linking of mission volunteers with global mission projects enables us to build bridges, develop relationships, and experience cross-cultural enrichment, as we reach out to each other in cooperative ministry.


As we move into different cultures and experience the reality of other contexts, we begin to live our lives with greater sensitivity, understanding, and compassion. This kind of giving and understanding can be life-enriching and church-energizing.

An easy website to use that gives you information about global missionaries and Advance projects can be found at http://www.umcmission.org/Explore-Our-Work


For information about UMVIM national and international projects, go to: http://www.umcmission.org/Get-Involved/Volunteer-Opportunities/Find-a-Volunteer-Project


For information on the insurance options, please click on http://www.umcmission.org/Get-Involved/Volunteer-Opportunities/Resources/Insurance/Insurance


For information about Western Jurisdiction UMVIM programs, please click on http://umvimwj.blogspot.com/


Rocky Mountain Conference Safe Sanctuary Policy information: http://www.mtnskyumc.org/ethicaleducation


Volunteers in Missions forms are available here. Please scroll to the bottom of the page where you can find the forms.


UMCOR Website

Volunteer Hotline: 800 918 3100

UMCOR Sager-Brown Depot, Baldwin, Louisiana; 800 334 4221

UMCOR West, Salt Lake City, Utah; Contact Rev. Brian Diggs, 801 973 7250


The following are listings for additional varieties of UMVIM:

NOMADS (http://www.nomadsumc.org/)