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Process for Requesting a Point of Personal Privilege: At this session of the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference, we have very limited time in plenary. And therefore, our time for points of personal privilege is also limited. If you would like to request time, please place your written request at the Conference Secretary's seat on the dais. Please include your name, cell or email, and the nature of your request.


Each participant is expected to download and print their own copies of the petitions, schedules, and rules. Pastors, please help your lay members be prepared and orient them to the annual conference process.


Attendance during the whole session from Thursday through Sunday is expected from all clergy and lay members, unless a request to be excused has been made (see Forms section). Annual conference is considered a part of the duties of pastors, and they are expected to be in attendance, even on Sunday morning. In order to facilitate the full participation of lay persons, the conference is scheduled over the weekend to reduce the number of vacation days that they must take from their place of employment. Sunday morning is an important part of the work of the annual conference as we will be ordaining new clergy.

Hopefully, you will notice some of the changes that were made based on evaluations from the 2013 annual conference session. For example, the registration process has been simplified and breaks have been included in the schedule.


Worship - Invitation to Bring a Stone
All lay and clergy are invited to bring a stone with them to Annual Conference. The size should be no larger than your palm. Stones will be placed together creating the altar for worship during the opening service. All will leave with a stone symbolizing the connection of the Annual Conference


Worship - Invitation for Clergy
All clergy are invited to robe and wear red stoles for the Sunday morning ordination service. The clergy will process and sit together during the Sunday morning ordination service. Thank you for valuing our presence together as we celebrate new clergy.


For information on offerings for the 2014 Annual Conference, click here.


Pre-Conference Orientation: Thursday, June 19th, 8:30 - 10:00 AM
For information on the pre-conference orientation for the 2014 Annual Conference, click here.


Lay Member of Annual Conference - Job Description & Resources
Are you coming to Annual Conference as a lay member but you're not quite sure what that means? The General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) has put together qualifications, responsibilities, and resources. Click here to visit the website


Youth Pre-Annual Conference 2014: Wednesday, June 18-Thursday, June 19
Are you a youth attending the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Session as a voting delegate or observer? Please join us for our Youth Pre-Annual Conference at Pueblo FUMC! Click here for more information and registration.


Once again the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is providing much needed and free transportation of all UMCOR West humanitarian kits and their components.