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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed for the communications team at Annual Conference! Positions include writers, photographers, and social media gurus. Email if interested.

The Rocky Mountain Conference Office is seeking volunteers to help with the Ministry Immersion during this year’s Annual Conference Session. In order to get people smoothly from the Clergy and Laity Sessions at 11:30 to the proper vehicles for transportation to their immersion sites, we are looking for up to 20 volunteers who can help manage the flow. These volunteers would be; 1) located around the hotel to direct attendees to the correct boarding area; 2) located at the boarding areas, checking attendees in and getting them to the correct bus and; 3) assisting with getting people on the right van or bus and helping to load the box lunches on each van. They will need to be at the hotel around 10:00 a.m. on Friday June 16th for a short orientation, and will then work from around 11:30-1:00. If you are interested, please email Mike Moore at for more information.”

UMCOR Relief Kits to be Collected During the 2017 Annual Conference Session

Our Missions Team in partnership with the UMCOR West Depot in Salt Lake City will be collecting Relief Kits during the Annual Conference Session. The kits will then be transported to the UMCOR West Depot. Health, Layette and School Kits are the most needed by UMCOR. For more instructions and kit contents see the following link:

Churches can decide whether to collect all the items needed for a kit or to focus on two or three items. You can choose to assemble the kits at your church of just bring all the items individually and they will be assembled by volunteers at the UMCOR West Depot. Please send kits or supplies for kits with your Annual Conference delegates in June


Worship at the 2017 Annual Conference Session will be planned and led by Rev. Eric Strader and the worship team. Rev. Strader has asked that we share the following:

1. If you are a musician and will be at the 2017 Annual Conference session, please let us know. We are creating a database of talented people and may have an opportunity for you this year or in future years to help fill out the worship band. 

2. The Annual Conference worship team is looking for a LARGE baptismal bowl. Could we borrow it for worship? Send pictures to worship coordinator. 

3. Clergy are invited to robe for ordination on Sunday June 18th. Any color robe and a red stole representing the Holy Spirit is appropriate. There is a robing room this year, you will be directed there Sunday morning. Please be robed and ready by 8:15 a.m. 

Questions and information can be emailed to Rev. Eric Strader at

Blueprint for Wellness

HealthFlex participants are eligible to complete their Blueprint for Wellness screening at the Annual Conference Session. This screening is offered on June 16 and 17 from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. each day.  Blueprint for Wellness is a comprehensive “biometric” screening that provides information about your heart, liver, kidney function, cholesterol, blood sugar control, thyroid function, iron and more!  Don’t miss out on this valuable screening and chance to earn $100 in PulseCash!  For more information, go to the Health & Wellness page online.

Clergy Absences

It is the duty and requirement of our shared covenant to attend all sessions of annual conference each year, including Sunday morning.  If you are a clergy person and unable to attend any part of annual conference, please notify your District Superintendent and the Conference Secretary, Rev. Elizabeth McVicker (  via email with the following information:  your name, the days you will be absent and the compelling reason for your absence.   No other form is required.  The Conference Secretary will report those who have indicated their absence to the Cabinet for follow-up.

2016 Book of Discipline ¶ 602.8 "It is the duty of every member and all probationers and local pastors of the Annual Conference to attend its sessions and furnish such reports in such form as the Discipline may require. Any such person unable to attend shall report by letter to the conference secretary, setting forth the reason for the absence. Should any ordained minister in active service be absent from the session of the Annual Conference without a satisfactory reason for the absence, the matter shall be referred by the conference secretary to the Board of Ordained Ministry."
1992 Book of Discipline ¶ 309.1 "...The diaconal minister shall attend the sessions of the Annual Conference. Any diaconal minister unable to attend shall report by letter to the bishop setting forth the reason for the absence." 

Annual Conference Session Program Book and Mobile App

The 2017 Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Session is now mobile! Go to your app store for Android or iOS to download the free Guidebook app and search for the "Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Session 2017" guide. You can also use this link:

Please note: This guide will be updated leading up to and during the Annual Conference Session. 

Special Offerings

Throughout the Rocky Mountain Annual Conference Session, there will be multiple opportunities to give in support of ministries within and outside of the Rocky Mountain Conference. For information on when these offering will take place and who will be benefiting from them, please click here.