Missions - JUST LOVE

Graphic for 2020 Mountain Sky Annual Conference

JUST LOVE – Mission Opportunities for AC2020

JUST LOVE initiatives will engage and resource congregations, communities, and the world for mutual transformation by:

Living Faithfully – True to Christ’s teachings, Methodist heritage & community needs

Acting Courageously – Be accountable for our actions & offer resources for education & transformation

Loving Boldly – Intentional inclusiveness, break barriers & cross boundaries"

Work for Justice -  the Wesleyan tradition of social justice


Masks-On Initiative 

Masks-On! encourages local Mountain Sky Conference churches to provide homemade cloth masks  for local, frontline workers in their neighborhood or community.  

If your congregation is already making masks for the community, keep up the good work and share it with us! 

Please report your efforts so that we can include your story at Annual Conference. Report the number of masks here: https://mtnsky-reg.brtapp.com/JustLoveMaskson and send one photo (optional) to: vitality@mtnskyumc.org by May 31, 2020. 

Learn more and participate in the Masks-On Initiative and read about contributing MSC UMCs



Just as teams have been formed in the past for Tug-o-Love, teams will work together during Miles-o-Love. This year during Annual Conference, Miles-o-Love will raise funds for the East Angola Pastor’s Fund and Feeding America centers in the Mountain Sky Area. Once you register for Miles-o-Love, you will be placed on a team with folks from all over the Mountain Sky Conference. Each team will have a Team Leader and we need team leaders so if you have a passion for motivating people then be sure to volunteer as a Team Leader. Learn more!