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The Legislative Process

In the Mountain Sky Conference, it is our intent to advocate for, build up, and live into Beloved Community. One of the ways we do that is by having intentional and careful conversations with one another about the ministries we do together as an annual conference. This page highlights some of the important rules and guidelines governing the Legislative Process. Please review this page carefully since some of the rules and guidelines for our new annual conference have changed from what you have known in previous years.

This year, we will be considering petitions just for the 2020 Mountain Sky Annual Conference. Petitions for General Conference, now postponed to 2021, were already considered at the 2019 Mountain Sky Annual Conference session. Throughout the Legislative Process, our goal is to help you accomplish what you intend to do. 

Session Rules

Conference Petitions

2020 Nominations Report - Updated June 24, 2020

Co-Lay Leader Elections