AC2020 Mission Team Activities


The Mountain Sky Conference (MSC) Mission Team’s role is to provide meaningful and inspiring experience for clergy and lay-leaders that will increase the understanding of the emerging movement of restorative justice and the role of the faith community in rehabilitation and reconciliation. Our theme this year is "Just Love." 


MSC Mission Team’s vision for AC2020 is to address:

  • The historical context of imprisonment
  • The impact of imprisonment on the imprisoned, families, communities and societies 
  • Restorative/legislative justice efforts
  • Mission and ministry addressing imprisonment
  • Response through prevention, awareness, and education that allows individuals and communities to thrive
  • Support Gillette ministries
  • Raise funds for global and local missions through the Tug of Love (link to page)  and Bridge of Love (link to page) 


Format of Activities: 

Break-out room sessions 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. (2 - 50 minute sessions with a 20 minute break between) 

Just Love Schedule of Activities


Mission Team Members:

See the full list of Mission Team Members