Academy for Clergy Young in Ministry

Academy for Clergy Young in Ministry is a missional, church-based and integrated leadership development approach through group learning, individual coaching, and online community learning.  It is a creative pilot program to develop leadership of the clergy young in ministry and their local churches in the Mountain Sky Conference. 

The academy is seeking an experiential model around a set of core leadership values: 

  1. Theology of Ministry
  2. Pastor’s Spiritual Formation
  3. Missional Identity (in the Community)
  4. Creativity and Imagination and Visioning
  5. Transformational Discipleship – making these learnings manifest in the church community

Discovery through interaction with creative contexts of ministry:

The Academy will seek to help the clergy discover what they need and assist them to find the tools they need.  Our goal is less about delivering information to participants, and more about discovery through interaction with creative contexts of ministry.


Each participant works with a coach. The role of the coaches is to: 1. attend the initial one-day retreat; 2. attend one or more of the “in-Conference immersion” experiences; and 3. coach once a month between sessions/experiences.

For more information on the Academy for Clergy Young in Ministry, please contact Rev. Dr. Youngsook Charlene Kang, Superintendent of Leadership Development for the Mountain Sky Conference at