Remember our spiritual roots with Wesley Heritage Tour in April 2020

August 21, 2019

I am a total Metho-Geek. My favorite course in graduate school was Archives and History, where for months I got to work in the United Methodist Archives, processing the letters of Freeborn Garrettson and his family. Researching my doctoral dissertation was a joy as it meant many long hours in the archives looking up items related to my topic.

When Robin and I go to London, we feel like pilgrims, excited to do more exploring of our Methodist roots. We have been known to go directly from Heathrow to Wesley’s Chapel for midday prayer followed by tea. A stop at the home of John Wesley, right next to the chapel, is always a must. It is inspiring to see the simplicity and commitment to spiritual devotion which marked Wesley’s life (after being questioned by tax authorities, who assumed with all the wages he received he must have lots of silver he hadn’t paid excise tax on, Wesley said, “I have two silver spoons at London and two at Bristol. This is all the plate I have at present, and I shall not buy any more while so many round me want bread.”).

Photo of Bishop Karen Oliveto at the site where John Wesley's heart was strangely warmed.As United Methodism stands at the brink of a break-up, it seems important to remember our spiritual roots. What made Methodism such an infectious expression of faith? How did our forebearers combine personal piety and social holiness to transform the communities they lived? Why did John Wesley call Methodists a "peculiar people with strangely warmed hearts?"

I invite you to join Robin and me, along with new and old friends from across our conference, for the Wesley Heritage Tour from April 13-21, 2020. Together, we will follow in the footsteps of Wesley and seek to catch his evangelical fervor so we can return to our home churches with a fire to share the Gospel in life-changing ways.

You can find more information online. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch: