Scott United Methodist Church leads a revival for healing

December 12, 2019

Scott UMC’s revival was big on healing and the Holy Spirit! Rev. Dr. Eric Smith, the pastor, led a warm and spirited service on a bleak and rainy night. Rev. Jasper Peters preached a passionate sermon on healing. But, I have to admit, it wasn’t the preaching that shone the brightest light – it was the singing!

The Wesleyan Choir sang gospel songs with joy, and the youth choir completely brought the Holy Spirit into the room when they sang, "Hang On!”

As I looked at the order of worship, I saw the place of invitation. It began as any church bulletin does, with the title, Order of Worship. Under that was, Unless the Holy Spirit takes over. And then, “Come, Holy Spirit, come.” 

When did we start playing it safe in worship? When did we stop expecting God to show up? How can God show up if we are playing it safe - in worship, in prayer, in relationships, in our daily interactions? Come, Holy Spirit, come. 

Scott UMC proclaims, “Come to the water to be revived, restored, refreshed, and renewed.” Yes, this revival service was completely unassuming from the look of the bulletin. By the time of the passing of the peace, I experienced the 20 choir members and the 20 congregants and guests to be open to the Spirit. As the youth choir sang the words, “Hang On,” the Spirit moved and stirred hearts and enveloped all who gathered. This is church. 

Pray big. Sing big. Leave room for the Holy Spirit to come, to disrupt our orderly worship to heal our broken hearts. Scott UMC witnessed through a moving revival service that God moves when we show up.