Angola Methodists Respond During COVID

The Church in Angola Reaches the Most Vulnerable During COVID

For 17 years churches across the Mountain Sky Conference have learned about and supported the ministries in the East Angola Conference of the United Methodist Church. Today those ministries continue and are even more important during COVID 19.  The ministries of the pastors and the agricultural work continue to need our support. The United Methodist Church in Angola, through UMCOR, is reaching out in many ways to serve and teach the most vulnerable populations.


Angola Pastors Serve During COVID 19


Missionary Ken Koome received a grant from UMCOR to purchase buckets for hand washing, materials to make soap, and masks.  Pastors and their wives and young men from the secondary school at Quessua were trained in how to stay safe from COVID. They then went to villages and handed out buckets and masks. They brought supplies for making soap and taught villagers how to make soap along with education on how to use the materials to stay safe. 




Pastors continue to serve their churches and are village leaders in helping keep people safe from the virus. Especially during these difficult times, the salary support they receive from people in the Mountain Sky Conference is critical. The subsistence farmers that fill their churches can no longer go to the market place to sell their products; so are even poorer than before. Our $50 a month to pastors sustains them and offers hope. Advance #3021453





Quessua Agricultural Program Even More Important Now

Kutela Katembo, is an agriculturalist missionary serving at Quessua Methodist Mission. “Because of the pandemic more people around the world need help, especially the poor and vulnerable that are suffering a lot due to the confinement and the subsequent lack of means to sustain themselves daily,” Kutela states in his latest newsletter. 

Quessua Mission Agricultural Center aids the people in surrounding communities through trainings and distribution of horticultural and field crop seeds when available.  Under Kutela’s leadership, Quessua grows crops, raises rabbits, goats, pigs and cattle and has started a fish hatchery.  The goal of all these ventures is Quessua becoming the bread basket of the region, training villagers and feeding those in need. Check out Kutela’s latest newsletter here.  Your continued support is needed.  Advance # 3022272