Conference Journals

The Annual Conference Journal is the official record for the Mountain Sky Annual Conference and the two legacy Conferences of  The United Methodist Church. The publication is created yearly following the Annual Conference Session in June. It serves three functions:

To provide current information by way of:

  • Clergy & Laity Directories
  • Conference & District Leadership
  • Contact information for General Church and Conference agencies and personnel

To provide a record of the most recent Annual Conference Session by way of:

  • The Daily Proceedings (Minutes)
  • The Petitions & Resolutions (Actions)
  • The Business (Disciplinary Questions) of the Session
  • Clergy Appointments
  • The Reports including Clergy Compensation
  • The Session Rules
  • The Standing Rules and Operating Procedures

To archive the history of the Conference by way of:

  • The Memoirs
  • The Roll of Honored Death
  • The Clergy Members Service Record
  • Conference & Local Church Statistics

To view and download the past Annual Conference Journals, please click the links on the right.