Approved Mountain Sky Courses

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Read through the lists below to find approved courses for Lay Servants for 2018 from the Legacy Conferences, Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain. 

Yellowstone Legacy Conference

Rocky Mountain Legacy Conference

Historically Approved & Currently Active Courses from YAC Legacy Conference: 2018

  1. Approved are any Advanced Courses as listed on the Lay Speaking Ministries Web Site. Also any courses listed in the annual “Lay Ministry Equipping Resources Catalog” that are the preferred courses for first course work for individuals seeking Advanced Certification. This Catalog lists both in residence and on-line courses as well as Alternative Advanced Courses. Available on the Discipleship Ministries Web Site. 

  2. Approved are Online/Web Based Courses as reviewed and approved by the YAC Conference Discipling Team.

    1. Beadisciple:

  3. Approved are Conference, District or Circuit developed courses upon meeting the approval of the Curriculum Review Committee.

    1. Mission U: 

  4. Approved are courses not listed on the Lay Speaking Ministries Web Site or developed in the  conference that are Web Based to include:

    1. The Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship​

    2. Conference Spiritual Formation events, retreats that are structured to address the aspects of Lay Servant Ministries in a particular area or areas. 

  5. In Residence Courses to include courses developed by: 

    1. Courses that would be available and approved from other Conferences to include in-residence and web based courses as long as an enrollee can meet all requirements of the course, 
    2. The United Methodist Women’s Mission U (formerly School of Christian Missions). Requires the Basic Lay Servant Ministry Class and at least one Lay Servant Ministry advanced class be completed before credit for Mission U courses count as advanced course work.
  6. Retake of the Basic Course. If a Certified Lay Servant has not taken the current Basic Course, credit as an Advanced Course can be given for this course.  Rational being that the individual is provided with information in which to use to encourage others to take the course. 

Education On Line:

Be a DiscipleCourses:  On line Advanced courses approved by the GBOD. Courses offered by Southwestern College, Richard and Julia Wilkie Institute. On the home page go to “Lay Speaking Ministries for current approved class offerings


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The Upper Room Bookstore   To access the Upper Room Lay Servant Ministry Catalog, on the home page upper right click on catalog and select  Lay Ministry

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If you are interested in exploring leading Lay Servants in either Eastern or Western Montana, please contact : Curtis Gay -

Currently Approved Courses from the Rocky Mountain Legacy Conference: 2021

The Foundations (Basic) Course is the introduction to lay ministry and is the first required course for becoming a Certified Lay Servant/Speaker/CLM.  This course is also available in Spanish.

An approved advanced refresher course must be completed once in every three years in order to maintain Lay Servant/Speaker status. The following courses are from the 2021 LAY MINISTRIES CATALOG.

Alternative Advanced Courses

*Available as online courses.

Other online courses are available at