About The Fund

The fund will be kept at the Methodists Helping Methodists Foundation (formerly the Mountain Sky Methodist Foundation). This Foundation was created in 1987 to support the United Methodist churches and agencies in Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and one county in Idaho.  

The money is ultimately owned and controlled by the Annual Conference whose bylaws are established as per the Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church. The Articles of Incorporation are on file with the Colorado Secretary of State.  

The charter document for the Endowment was approved at Annual Conference 2021 and can be found here

The Foundation has a custodial role with the funds on deposit and provides oversight if any withdrawals are inappropriate and do not comply with the charter document. There are provisions in the charter document for exceptional withdrawals, which the Foundation will ensure are followed. 

The charter document is a promise to the donors, and any violation would be subject to legal action by the donors or their heirs.