A Table for All

While many in our world seek to divide and separate, in the Mountain Sky Conference, we are working to unify—building A Table For All of God’s children throughout rural, suburban, and urban communities.

The application for church support is now available. The first cohort begins meeting this week. Apply to be a part of the second cohort beginning in summer 2023 (English application or Spanish application). Applications are due June 7, 2023.

Want to learn detailed information on the program that our churches will participate in? Click here for the support summary in English or Spanish.

Click here for videos and resources for A Table For All

We seek to create and sustain communities of faith that embrace diversity in their midst.

We encourage inclusivity of all of God’s children, creating a place for everyone to know the life-giving grace of Jesus.

Our conference is full of diversity—geography, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, political, socio-economic, ability, and more. But we have one main thing in common—we all recognize the love and acceptance of Jesus for all. And we can’t keep this to ourselves! We are called to share this love and acceptance with all in the Mountain Sky Conference and the world.

We value “sitting at a Table” that represents our diverse voices throughout our region. While we might not always agree, acceptance and love are the cornerstones of true inclusion. In our differences, we will learn and grow as we seek to understand one another. In our unity, we are more powerful than we know and can truly create change in the world for God’s glory. 

The Mountain Sky Conference invites you to unite with us as we continue to set A Table For All, revitalizing and empowering congregations to live into their diverse legacy.