A Time for Children

The Mountain Sky Conference is taking major steps to develop the ministries offered to children and families throughout our congregations.  In a three-year process, the conference is  partnering with Rev. Dr. Leanne Hadley, an expert in the area of Holistic Children’s Ministry, to provide training, visioning, mentoring and coaching to 19 congregations and help create vision, staffing, and implementation of holistic ministry to children unique to their own ministry setting.

The Children’s Ministry program includes two in-person training events each year, monthly web-based learning teams and personal phone calls and emails.  The Children’s Ministry team at the Mountain Sky Conference tracks results to make adjustments in what we are doing, using a shared learning method to create and strengthen sustainable children’s ministries.


Our Purpose

Our children and families need the support of the church today more than ever.  The lives of children have become increasingly complex in the last decade.  Divorce rates, death, economic issues, poverty, abuse, learning issues, bullying, war, immigration, these are all things our children face today.  Therefore the Mountain Sky Conference is working to make the church a place where children can discover hope and the light of God and Christ.

To learn more about the work the Mountain Sky Conference is doing in Children’s Ministry, please contact Rev. Dr. Youngsook Charlene Kang, Director of Mission and Ministry and Leadership Developer for the Mountain Sky Conference, ykang@mtnskyumc.org