Be Prepared


Connecting Neighbors

This program encourages individuals and churches to prepare for a disaster before it strikes. The program has the goal of inspiring congregations and communities to be better able to minimize disaster-caused harm to people and property and to respond to our neighbors in helpful, cooperative and caring ways on behalf of the church and in the spirit of Jesus Christ. Click here to learn more.


Mountain Sky Disaster Response Plan

The goal of this plan is to provide a framework to enable the Mountain Sky Conference to prepare, respond and recover from disasters that may occur throughout the conference. This plan starts locally and involves multiple levels of aid.  If you are interested in reading the Mountain Sky Conference Disaster Response Plan CLICK HERE to download a copy.


Wildfire Mitigation Program

To help your community mitigate against the potential impact of a wildfire, a program developed by the Emergency Preparedness Team out of Tri-Lakes UMC in Monument, Colorado is now available.

This highly successful, award-winning program offers education and training to provide wildfire mitigation at a local level.  It is centered on training “neighborhood ambassadors”.  These individuals will serve as a local resource to educate and inform their neighbors and then help to implement neighborhood wildfire mitigation projects.

To scale this program to address the needs across the conference it will be necessary to build a support infrastructure within our church.  While training the “neighborhood ambassadors” can be done remotely, we need to volunteers to serve as local program specialists that will support the trained neighborhood ambassadors.  These specialists will offer continuing education to the neighborhood ambassadors as well as support the implementation of local mitigation projects.

For more information on this program CLICK HERE.

If you would like to become a Neighborhood Ambassador for your community please email

If you would like to help to support the Neighborhood Ambassadors by becoming a Program Specialist please email