Best Practices for Video

The final deadline to submit content for editing is May 20, 2023.
Link to OneDrive submission folder:
You have permission to upload any files as well as create additional folders if needed.
Best Practices

  1. When shooting with an iPhone or any other mobile phone, make sure to record with the device sideways or in ‘landscape’ mode to avoid black bars on the sides of the final video.
  2. Avoid recording in dark locations. Naturally lit rooms provide the best results.
  3. Please be aware of any background noise and avoid recording in noisy locations.
    • Note: If you are not using a microphone, please also be aware of your distance from the camera. The closer the better. If far away, it’s highly likely there will be additional background noise or echoes.

Submission Instructions

  1. Navigate to OneDrive folder (linked above)
  2. I have created several folders based on previous AC submissions. Navigate to your department folder. (If you don’t see a folder for you, you can create a folder by clicking on the blue ‘+ New’ button in the top left.)
  3. If you are submitting multiple videos, please organize the clips into separate folders to represent each video. (Example: Video 1, Video 2, etc.)
  4. Select your folders/video clips then drag and drop them into OneDrive in your browser window. (Please include a word document along with the clips that notes how you would like the clips to be edited into a final video)

  5. When your files appear in the OneDrive folder, they have successfully been uploaded and you are finished with the video submission process.
  6. If you have any questions, concerns, or technical issues you can contact and I will get back as quickly as possible. Thank you!