What is Bishop Oliveto Reading?

What is Bishop ReadingResources

Reading has been a life-long pleasure. One of the first things I obtain when I move to a new community is a library card!

I invite you to read with me.

Reading opens us to worlds, experiences, and knowledge beyond ourselves. It is a way to grow without even leaving our home. I always try to make sure I am reading books about topics or viewpoints that I might not agree with, as a way to push me beyond my comfort zone. 

One change: the links will take you to a library! Libraries are one of our most important community assets. I hope you use yours!

The books I’m reading these days — because I never read just one book at a time — are:

Talk Like TEDTalk Like TED: the 9 Public-speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds

by Carmine Gallo

I was trained on how to preach forty years ago! Communication styles have changed a LOT since then! Ted Talks have become an international sensation. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design. Presenters offer short monologues on a topic of their choice. They are so moving!!! I am looking forward to learning how those who do TED Talks create such memorable and impactful messages. 






Healing Resistance: A Radically Different Response to Harm


by Kazu Haga

  This book was recommended to me by Director of Connection Ministries of the California Pacific Conference (yes! I do take recommendations!). This is for any of us who are seeking to make the world a more just and whole place, working to change systems and attitudes through non-violent action. 






If I Knew Then: Finding wisdom in failure and power in aging


by Jann Arden

I love reading memoirs and autobiographies, especially when they are someone's honest reflections of the ups and downs of their life, the bad choices as well as the good, and how all these things helped mold them to be the people they are today. I recently discovered The Jann Show when flying--it was one of the shows offered. I wanted to learn more about this singer/songwriter/actress/author. 


Watch this page because it will be updated regularly. Tell me your thoughts on any of these books. Feel free to email Bishop Oliveto and recommend books that matter to you!

I look forward to seeing where our books will take us.