Experience transformation at Spanish-Language, Culture & Social Justice Immersion trip

June 05, 2017

The Pentecost story is one of my favorites in the Bible. Pilgrims from around the world gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the 50 days after the Passover. Having been in the old city of Jerusalem, with its narrow streets that crisscross each other like a tangled web, I can imagine these streets filled with people, a great cacophony of languages rising up from these pilgrims.

The apostles were in a room when the Holy Spirit filled them. And as they spilled out of the house, the crowds were astonished because each pilgrim heard the apostles speaking to them in their native tongue!

This experience was transformative and brought unity as people responded to the Holy Spirit as it worked through Peter, and began to follow the Way of Jesus. This is often referred to as the birth of the Church, and we see that those early converts responded in ways that not only changed their living, but changed their community as well.

We live in a time when those who follow Jesus need to follow the leading of the early church and learn how to communicate the Gospel in life-giving and life-changing ways, to embrace the Way so fully that we discover a better way to live in community together.

You are invited to join me and other members of the Mountain Sky Area as we engage in a Spanish Cultural Immersion experience in Cuernavaca, Mexico, from Monday, Aug. 28, 2017 to Friday, Sept. 8, 2017. Together, we will learn Spanish so we can better communicate the Gospel to a growing population in our area. Additionally, we will engage in conversation and education with members of base Christian communities in the area, who through the lens of liberation theology, employ scripture in a way that builds up the body of Christ in profound ways.

We will experience generous hospitality, staying with host families who invite us to break bread together, we will hear from community activists seeking justice, and study the Bible together with members of base Christian communities.

We will return to the Mountain Sky Area with new tools and insights to reach people in our neighborhoods, towns and villages.

For more information, see our brochure. To register, click here. Registration, along with a $200 deposit, are due by July 1.

I hope you’ll join us!
Bishop Karen