MLK Day 2021 Virtual Worship Service


To those who are contemplating leaving The United Methodist Church
- March 18, 2019

I write this letter with an aching heart. I have heard the pain in the voices of so many of you, wondering if it is time to “shake the dust off” and leave your local church. As your bishop, I cannot ask you to stay in a place where your soul cannot be at rest. However, ...

Christmas letter from Bishop Karen Oliveto
- December 19, 2018

In this Christmas greeting, I want celebrate with you joy as we celebrate our first Christmas as the Mountain Sky Conference. This year, we have made many changes. Through the midst of all that is changing around us, I have seen how God is moving through each of you and...

A letter to the new Mountain Sky Conference
- June 20, 2018

On June 9, 2018, history was made as United Methodists who gathered in Ogden, Utah as members of the Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain Annual Conferences overwhelmingly voted to become one: The Mountain Sky Conference.

A response to immigrant family separation
- June 20, 2018

In the news, we have seen disturbing reports and pictures of children being taken from their parents and placed in detention centers by our government. Their crime was fleeing their homeland due to violence and threats of death, to make a perilous journey over harsh ...

Our faith calls us to renewal, not resignation
- May 04, 2018

We are called to engage with God’s love in our homes and families, our churches and communities, and our nation and world. This is not easy. My heart gets broken over and over again. My spirit dries up. My soul falters.

Why I am in Washington, D.C. on April 4, 2018

Why I am in Washington, D.C. on April 4, 2018
- April 04, 2018

My vocation as a pastor has been informed by Rev. Dr. King. His words and witness have challenged me to understand racism and the privilege that is granted me by my whiteness, the overt and subtle ways racism limits lives and the generational trauma that slavery has ...

Our young people are leading the call to end gun violence

Our young people are leading the call to end gun violence
- March 14, 2018

Our young people are leading us. They are helping us change the conversation about gun violence in our nation. May we listen to them. May we learn from them. May we commit ourselves to care for them.

For all that will be, YES!
- January 11, 2018

How can we organize ourselves so that we support clergy and laity leadership development so we can have vital congregations that offer the life-giving love of God for our current and future ages?

This Christmas, may we find Jesus in the most unlikely of places
- December 22, 2017

Where is Jesus? Are you looking for him this Christmas? The baby who was born in surroundings of greatest poverty is waiting to be found by you. Do you have the courage to look for him in the places where he is most likely to be found?

Re-igniting a Christian movement within the Mountain Sky Area

Re-igniting a Christian movement within the Mountain Sky Area
- December 01, 2017

Staff, laity and clergy in the Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain annual conferences met in small groups Nov. 28 throughout the Mountain Sky Area for a retreat with consultant Rev. Dr. John Wimberly to discuss our shared future together.

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