Board of Ordained Ministry

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Responsible for the enlistment and recruitment of ministerial leadership for our churches and other ministry settings by working in consultation with the cabinet and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry to study and interpret the ordained, licensed, certified, and assigned ministerial leadership needs and resources of the annual conference, with due regard to the inclusive nature of the Church. (¶ 635.2A - 2016 Book of Discipline )

The Board of Ordained Ministry and District Committees on Ordained Ministry, along with the District Superintendents, are responsible for enlisting, training, and preparing candidates for licensed and ordained ministry.

Candidates - To pay your portion of the $400.00 psychological assessment fee - Click here

*Please note that for transfer candidates the cost is $925.00*

Churches - To pay for your portion of the $400.00 psychological assessment fee - Click here

Psychological Assessment Assistance:  A special dispensation may be made for Mountain Sky Candidates seeking certified status to receive MEF funds towards the cost of the psychological assessment.  BOM can approve up to $550 toward the request and the candidate will be responsible for at least $250. Individuals are encouraged to ask for local church assistance before requesting an MEF allotment.  Requests for assistance should come through the District Superintendent and the BOM Administrative Assistant, and must be submitted before the psychological assessment process begins. Application form can be found in BOM Forms (updated 3/2023)


BOM Contact List

Sandi Dillon - BOM Chair

Barlow, Tom [FE]
Chair, Conference Relations

Kidwell, Stephanie [FE]
Transfer Relations Coordinator

Rundell, Calob [FE]
Chair, Provisional Care Team

Strauss, Sharon [LP]
LLP Registrar

West, Carrie [AM]
Conference Relations Committee