Boulder United Methodist Mission Partners

Boulder United Methodist Mission Partners (BUMMP) in Colorado, is a partnership formed in 1976 of more than 16 Boulder-area United Methodist Churches, which organizes and promotes mission projects at local, regional, national and international locations. BUMMP provides a variety of hands-on mission opportunities on a continuing basis that can most easily be done by combining volunteers and support from more than one church as an inter-church supplement to individual church mission projects.

BUMMP encourages and supports mission trips. Individuals or groups affiliated with our member churches may apply to us for scholarships/grants in support of these trips. In a given year, you may request up to $2,000 for a trip within the United States or up to $4,000 for an international trip.

Apply for a grant from Boulder United Methodist Mission Partners

Current participating churches include First United Methodist Church of Boulder, St. Paul's UMC (Boulder), Mountain View UMC (Boulder), Broomfield UMC, First UMC of Longmont (Heart of Longmont), First UMC of Lafayette, Erie UMC, First UMC of Windsor, Long’s Peak UMC (Longmont), Niwot UMC, Rinn UMC (Longmont), CU Wesley Foundation (Boulder), Louisville UMC, Hygiene UMC, Brighton UMC, and Lyons Community Church.

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