Child Care

The Rocky Mountain Conference will be partnering with “A Helping Hand” to provide childcare for the 2017 Annual Conference Session. “A Helping Hand” is a nationally accredited event childcare provider dedicated to providing an interactive and engaging experience for children and guaranteeing their safety and well-being. They will even be able to incorporate this year’s themes of food and water security.

Infant - Age 3

Children under the age of 4  will have constant supervision from trained and background-checked childcare providers. Parents will have the option to drop-off or pick-up their children at anytime throughout the Annual Conference Session, and they will be responsible for providing any materials that their child might need throughout the day, including - but not limited to - diapers, food, etc. This year, we will also be offering a private space nextdoor to the childcare room as a place for nursing mothers to feed their children.

Age 4-10

Children ages 4-10 will experience a “day camp” model similar to what was offered during last year’s Annual Conference Childcare. We will will offer an all-inclusive experience for the children including a time for learning, play, and food throughout the day until they are picked up by their parents in the evening. For more information, contact

Pre-Event Registration

In order to utilize this childcare, each family must pre-register on A Helping Hand's website. Event pre-reigstration ends June 8, 2017 and there will be a limited amount of space for those who do not register ahead of time. Please follow the instructions below to register your children for our event:

Step 1) Click here! to reach the A Helping Hand website

Step 2) Enter Group ID 495Y

Step 3) Fill out the correct information for each child

Step 4)Permission slips will be sent to you in an email. Please print permission slips and bring them with you the day of the event.

Registration Fees

If only utilizing childcare for one day - $50 per child per day

If utilizing childcare for more than one day:

     First Child - $75

     Second Child - $45

     Additional Children - $35


For any additional questions, please contact