Circuit Grant

 Circuit Grants: Now Open!

Are you looking to hire a guest speaker for one of your Circuit gatherings? Is your Circuit headed to a baseball game or a trampoline gym? Maybe you’re all looking to take a class together? We want to bless your Circuit in all the ways you might gather and connect.

Each Circuit is eligible to apply for a grant up to $250 to support their ministry. Your Circuit must be recorded in our Circuits Database (if it’s not, or you’re unsure, please contact Court VonLindern at Please note that some Circuits may not show up on the public page because they’ve been “hidden” after reaching their participant capacity).

You’re invited to think outside the box on how your Circuit will increase joy, foster connection, and generate trust. Let the Circuit Grant help make your Circuit Dreams come true! Click here to apply.

Grants are available for the Annual Conference Year. The current grant cycle is open for Annual Conference year 2022-2023. The cycle will reset following Annual Conference in June 2023. Grants are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.