Circuits FAQ

MSC Circuits: Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Circuit?

  • A "circuit” in the MSC is a group of clergy, laity, or clergy and laity leaders of local congregations to meet regularly with colleagues for worship, faith development, spiritual formation, mutual support, accountability, peer learning, resource sharing, and more.


What is the difference between a Circuit and cohort?

  • Circuits and cohorts have more similarities than they do differences. 

    • Circuits are designed to meet regularly through each calendar year with a designated open/closed Circuit period. Circuits have their own registration and database.

    • Cohorts may begin and end at any time, and exist outside of the MSC Circuit program. 

Who can participate in MSC Circuits?

  • Laity and Clergy may participate in MSC Circuits depending on Circuit membership. Circuits may be clergy only, laity only, or a hybrid of clergy and laity.


Are clergy required to be in a Circuit?

  • Yes, all MSC Clergy are required to be in a Circuit.


How can I join a Circuit?


How can I start a Circuit?

  • Before starting a Circuit, you should review the Circuit Parameters (click here). Once it’s been determined that your Circuit idea fits within these parameters, you can submit your Circuit through the MSC Circuit Host or through the Circuit portal by selecting “Groups” and “Create a Group”.


How can I become a Circuit Leader?

  • Circuit Leaders should review the Circuit Leader Volunteer Job Description, and then contact the MSC Circuit Host ( to learn more about becoming a Circuit Leader!


Who oversees the Circuit Rewire?

  • The MSC Circuit Host, Court VonLindern, oversees the Circuit Rewire. They act as the point-person for matters related to the Circuits iteration project, to include fielding questions from Circuit Leaders, Circuit members, Ministry Incubators (MINC) personnel, MSC leaders, and other outside stakeholders who are interested.

  • You can contact Court at