Christian Education Director

December 15, 2021

1.0Terms and Conditions

  1. Place of Engagement: LUMC and other locations of LUMC activities
  2. Duration of Agreement: Twelve (12) months from date of execution.
  3. Renewal: A performance evaluation will be conducted every twelve (12) months and renewal may be based on mutual agreement.
  4. Evaluations: Performance assessments, based on established goals agreed between the Christian Education Director and the Administrative Council will be conducted in the summer of each calendar year with the Staff Parish Relations (SPR) Lead or designee.
  5. Reporting and Compensation
    1. Compensation will be rendered with the gross amount of $4,200 per year (paid bimonthly) less customary state, federal, and FICA withholding taxes.  Expected hours for first two pay periods is 7 hours per week, then 5 hours per week thereafter.
    2. The Christian Education Director will report to the Minister on all matters pertaining to the Christian Education needs of LUMC and to the SPR lead for all administrative matters.
  6. Vacation: The Christian Education Director is granted two (2) weeks paid vacation and is encouraged to take vacation time outside of busiest times on the liturgical calendar. During such vacation, the Christian Education Director shall engage a qualified substitute for coverage during scheduled Christian education events occurring during his/her absence.  Should a substitute be needed at times other than during the agreed vacation, payment shall be made by the Christian Education Director.
  7. Sick Leave: Christian Education Director may take up to two (2) Sundays as sick leave. 
  8. Termination: Either party may terminate this agreement with a two-week notice.  Louisville UMC has the right to terminate this agreement for cause at any time.


  1. Participate in and contribute to the LUMC Staff meetings scheduled and led by Pastor.
    1. Focus during initial 90-day period will be on re-establishing a strong Sunday morning children’s ministry and building relationships with the families to find out what their needs are.
    2. Following that, expectation will be to offer a quarterly outreach to our community to attract kids- fun events at the church- something related to Christmas, Easter egg hunt, VBS at the minimum. 
  2. Immediately report to Pastor and/or SPRC lead any concerns related to violations of Safe Sanctuary Policies and Guidelines
  3. Recruit, train, supervise and lead Christian education staff and LUMC volunteers
  4. Plan and implement Sunday School classes for approximately 25 students in up to three different classes. (Sunday School is currently held during the 09:00 Sunday Services)
  5. Coordinate with Minister regarding weekly Sunday School Lessons and Activities
  6. Plan curriculum and implement Vacation Bible School, generally the first week of June
  7. Plan and implement the Children’s Christmas Pageant in conjunction with the music staff and Pastor
  8. Work with the Pastor, from time-to-time, developing new educational opportunities for the church youth
  9. Oversee nursery volunteers and/or staff during Sunday Services

3.0Detailed Responsibilities:

  1. Sunday School:
    1. Weekly (Attend Sunday Service or have a designated alternate present)
      1. Check in with teachers and supply needs, including substitution or replacement. (contact may be via email or phone)
      2. Rotate to Sunday classes, take notes, and provide assistance and feedback
      3. Assure clean up and organization of supply room and classrooms
      4. Connect with parents – i.e., introduce yourself and teachers to new families, send personal invitations to Sunday School, monitor first time attendees to assure comfort and inclusion
      5. Work with  Worship team / Ushers to aid in identifying and engaging new parents and children
      6. Talk to parents and children at both services as part of building relationships
    2. Monthly
      1. Attend Church Council meetings
    3. Quarterly
      1. Order new curriculum following confirmation with Pastor
      2. Assess class and teacher needs and performance
    4. Occasionally
      1. Confirm staff and volunteers have up to date background checks
      2. Confirm Safe Sanctuary policies and guidelines are enforced
      3. Confirm supplies are adequate and available
      4. Participate in and lead Christian Education Committee meetings
      5. Provide report and meet with SPR Lead or designee
  2. Youth:
    1. Support Youth in activities and programs, as needed
    2. Support mission trips or service activities as they are identified
  3. Advent Pageant:
    1. Select program by October
    2. Advertise Program and schedule in various communication media, i.e., bulletin, Facebook, webpage, email, etc.
    3. Schedule rehearsals and add to Church calendar
    4. Coordinate with Pastor regarding timing in service, date, etc.
  4. Vacation Bible School (VBS):
    1. In consultation and with approval of Pastor, choose specific program and timing by early each year
    2. Add program to Church calendar
    3. Advertise Program and schedule in various communication media, i.e., bulletin, Facebook, webpage, email, etc.
    4. Schedule work days, secure volunteers, and advertise
    5. Assure clean up and organization of supply room and impacted areas

4.0Skills and Experience

  1. Faithfully working with others – balance of listening and ideas; diplomacy; Christian faith
  2. Creativity
  3. Communications – verbal and/or written with a variety of audiences
  4. Energy – efficient preparation and execution
  5. Leadership of staff and volunteers
  6. Computer skills/tools – Word, PowerPoint, audiovisuals
  7. Knowledge of learning principles for engaging children and adults
  8. Working knowledge of church liturgical calendar
  9. Excellent time management, organization and planning skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
  10. Knowledge of copyright permissions, use and adherence to related laws and regulations
  11. Attention to detail and problem-solving skills
  12. Excellent written and verbal communication skills with various age levels including public speaking
  13. Other Key skills: Accuracy, Initiative, Integrity, Adaptability, Teamwork, Developing Standards, Process Improvement, Supply Management

Contact: Rev. Claire McNulty-Drewes

Address: 741 Jefferson Ave Louisville 80027

Phone: 303-666-8812

Email: Click to email