Allen Digital Computer Organ - MADC 2100

December 30, 2021

Made in 1985 by the Allen Organ Company of Macungie, PA this organ still outlives the test of time. It was the practice instrument of our local organist. the package comes with the console, pedalboard, bench, and two speakers. the speakers are Allen Monitor II's and each feature a 15" subwoofer to bring out the bass on the organ, a 10" midrange, and adjustable tweeter to bring out the highs. The organ does have 2 memory blind capture which allows the organist to change or save stop combinations. The organ does not have a card reader or MIDI. Would be a great practice instrument or suitable for a semi large congregation.

16 Diapason
16 Bourdon
!6 Lieblich Gedackt
8 Octave
8 Gedackt
4 Choral Bass
III Mixture
16 Posaune
8 Trompette (Sw)
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal

8 Violas II
8 Gedackt
4 Sptizprincipal
4 Koppelflote
2-2/3 Nasat
2 Blockflote
1-3/5 Terz
1 Sifflote
16 Basson
8 Trompette
4 Clairon
Celeste Tuning

16 Lieblich Gedackt
8 Principal
8 Rohrflote
8 Violas II (SW)
4 Octave
4 Spitzflote
2 Super Octave
2 Waldflote
IV Mixture
8 Krummhorn
Celeste Tuning
Swell to Great

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