Searching for a Special Events/Wedding/Public Relations Coordinator

February 14, 2022

Responsibilities as Special Events Coordinator:

  1. Promote St. Paul’s UMC in the community, online, and through social media as a venue for weddings, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, memorial services, and other special events.
  2. Field initial contact with clients, providing information about the services we offer and the costs involved. Offer tour if requested.
  3. Set date and time of event in coordination with Pastor, Administrative Assistant and the church calendar.
  4. Receive and record contract and fees, ensuring all contracts are signed and fees paid in full as scheduled.
  5. Maintain lines of communication with all parties throughout planning process, observing all relevant deadlines.
  6. Advise Sound Engineer, Organist, Pastor, Administrative Assistant, and Reception/Kitchen Volunteer Coordinator (as appropriate) of the dates and times of the event (and rehearsal as applicable), as soon as possible after the contract is signed.
  7. Ensure we have necessary supplies on hand to fulfill the church’s contract with client.
  8. Work with Administrative Assistant and Treasurer to fill out proper paperwork so staff are compensated.
  9. Work with Reception/Kitchen Volunteer Coordinator as needed, to coordinate details and recruit volunteers for receptions/dinners.
  10. Be responsible to open and secure building for the rehearsal (as needed) and on the day of the event; set HVAC; and work with custodian to make sure everything is set up before and returned to its proper place following the event.
  11. Coordinate with and greet outside vendors on the day of the event, instructing them on policies and directing them as needed.
  12. Be available the day of the event to instruct and assist Volunteers and Ceremonial Participants as needed.
  13. Lock up building and set alarm when event is over.
Expectations as Public Relations Coordinator:
  1. Be hospitable and able to work well with a variety of people, including clients, staff, volunteers, and vendors.
  2. Be organized and able to coordinate details accurately and timely.
  3. Communicate well with staff, volunteers and clients.
  4. Be flexible and available to work with parties involved as required.
  5. Understand the importance of and help design online publicity in coordination with the church Webmaster.  Actively promote St. Paul’s through social media.
  6. Attend industry events such as bridal fairs and take advantage of such opportunities to promote St. Paul’s as a venue.
Hours and Compensation:
Initial compensation for startup expenses and time to organize an effective publicity campaign will be underwritten by the church budget committee in a special budget line item. Such expenses must be preauthorized by the senior pastor, with all hours logged and approved. A time sheet of approved hours will be submitted to the administrative assistant and paid by the church treasurer. Subsequent compensation is based on the complexity and requirements of each event. The coordinator earns the stipend paid to the church by contract for all events scheduled and coordinated. Hours involved and compensation are therefore dependent on the number and types of events scheduled by the Special Events/Wedding/Public Relations Coordinator.

Contact: St. Paul's UMC Rachel Ford

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Phone: 17196347046

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