Business Manager

April 09, 2022

Principal focus:  Finances and Peace Garden

Regular duties:  The Business Manager’s regular duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Finance

  • Make all deposits of monthly income into the ledger

  • Invoice and pay all monthly expenses 

  • Disburse funds in church dedicated accounts

  • Administer the funds of the Abiding Memorials Committee

  • Make monthly remittances to the conference treasurer

  • Reconcile the bank accounts at month end

  • Create month end closing reports to be maintained in the permanent files

  • Process IRS 1099 forms at year end

  • Administration

  • Carry out the decisions of the Finance Committee

  • Prepare month end financial reports for church committees

  • Send financial reports to each committee chairperson

  • Maintain records of all contracts and vendor information

  • Maintain records of all background checks

  • Maintain records of all personnel

  • Attend the Finance Committee meetings as a non-voter

  • Payroll

  • Pay salaries of clergy and staff

  • Maintain payroll records and process payroll tax payments

  • Annual Duties 

  • Payroll Audit for Worker’s Compensation

  • Fund Balance Report Financial Audit for the Conference

  • EZRA Financial Statistical Report for the Conference

  • Fire System Inspection

  • Fire Extinguisher Inspection

  • Backflow Water System Inspection

  • Compile the yearly budget for the Finance Committee from provided budget requests

  • Peace Garden

  • Answer all requests for information

  • Collect all income and signed agreements

  • Maintain all records for each individual site

  • Inform Peace Garden Committee of all new sales or changes to the records

  • Maintain all death and cremation certificates required by law

Occasional duties:

  • Order supplies for the cleaning company

  • Meet with additional Church Committees if Requested

Skills and Requirements:

  • Ability to communicate effectively and work well with both staff and church membership

  • Software requirement:  QuickBooks

  • High School diploma or equivalent

  • Reports directly to and will be evaluated annually by Senior Pastor

Contact: John Kindred

Address: 533 Grant Ave LOVELAND 80537

Phone: 9702902796

Email: Click to email