Director of Family Ministries

September 11, 2022

Job Title: Director of Family Ministries
Supervision: Lead Pastor
Work week: approximately 5-10 hours
Compensation: $5,000 to 12,000.

Cameron UMC is seeking a creative and dynamic Director of Family Ministries who will provide leadership for the people of Cameron UMC with direct oversight for children and young families. This person has a heart for God and a passion for worship and will help create experiences for kids that are inspiring, challenging, and transformative. He or she will be a team member actively planning and coordinating
with the lead pastor and staff as well as providing opportunities for connection and
service with the young families in the Platt Park neighborhood. This person will consistently model an authentic discipleship lifestyle and seek to help people deepen their own commitment to discipleship (as outlined ¶120 of our 2012 Book of Discipline).

Core Job responsibilities:
*Create and develop Children’s Church with a team that is play-based, parent cooperative, and sensitive to child development. This Children’s church will have an intentional plan for
helping kids and families grow as Disciples of Christ.
*Create summer camp opportunities for young families, i.e. filmmaking, cooking, art,
science, music, service, and sports.
*Consistently attend and lead in worship, attend quarterly membership classes, and weekly staff meetings.
*Serve as Main Administrator for Safe Sanctuaries Training and Background Checks for
staff and volunteers that work with children, youth and/or vulnerable adults.
*Recruit and develop new team members and leaders for children’s programming
During regular worship services as needed.
*Develop and oversee yearly budget for children & family ministries and ensure
supplies and resources needed are available throughout the year.
*Perform other duties as assigned and agreed to.

Please send a Resume and Cover Letter to

Contact: Dale Fredrickson

Address: 1600 S. PEARL ST DENVER CO 80210

Email: Click to email