SHUMC Youth Director Opportunity

November 22, 2022

The Youth Director shall be a faith-filled person who is passionate about and dedicated to helping our youth mature as individuals and as people of faith by being a positive, spiritual role model and mentor in both group and one on one settings. The Youth Director shall integrate the youth group into the overall church community and encourage commitment and accountability to the church.  This person needs to enjoy being with and relating to youth but still be respected as an authority figure. They will be a collaborative team member and will be respectful of the pastors, staff and congregation. With our youth program spanning grades 6-12, it is important for the Youth Director to value the incoming youth and work with the Children’s Director on facilitating an exciting transition into the Youth program.


With input from the youth, parents and youth sponsors, the Youth Director will plan and organize:     

Sunday School Classes /  Bible Study

                    Confirmation Classes

                    Youth Group gatherings

                    Activities (special events, retreats, programs)

                    Mission service projects


                    Youth Sponsor Meetings

                    Youth Sunday Service


Smoky Hill United Methodist Church is a Reconciling congregation.  Our welcome statement reads:  “SHUMC affirms that God’s grace is available to all.  We prayerfully seek to openly welcome all of God’s children regardless of Christian perspective, education, economic condition, race, gender identity, national origin, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, age or marital status.  We commit ourselves to be in ministry for and with all persons independent of society’s regard.  God blesses us all so that together we can be God’s instrument of blessing to the world.”  We expect all staff members to enthusiastically embrace this philosophy.


We believe the future of our church is the youth.  The intent of this position is to give our youth the care and guidance needed for them to recognize themselves as valued members of our church.

Contact: Frank Moore, SPRC Chair

Address: 19491 E Smoky Hill Rd Centennial CO 80015

Phone: (303) 690-9816

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