Youth Director

June 01, 2023

All staff reporting to the Senior Pastor will attend regular staff meetings as arranged with the Senior Pastor to discuss ongoing work and current issues.  Communication is vital to the success of our programs and outreach so each member of staff reporting to the Senior Pastor will participate in supplying information to the appropriate person for the website, weekly bulletin and congregation/parents as needed to keep everyone informed and up-to-date on activities.
 As a Director, Good Shepherd looks to you not only to maintain the status quo within your area of responsibility, but to look at ways to expand and grow the mission.
 Thank you, Staff Parish Relationship Committee
Qualifications:  Mature and active faith in Jesus Christ, training in youth and family ministries, basic Bible knowledge, and understanding of the United Methodist Church and its connectional system.  Additionally must have good Interpersonal skills with all people.  Applicant must fill out an application, submit to a background check, and reference check.
General Responsibilities 

  • The youth Director must be an example to the youth and encourage their spiritual growth as reflected by church attendance and church activities.
  • Maintain a consistent and active ministry, open to any youth between the grades of 6th through Senior High. 
  • Develop leadership skills among young people and adults of the congregation and conference through attending Youth Leadership Conference, Conference Council of Youth Ministries and Youth Quest.
  • Organize opportunities for growth in Christian faith through fellowship, such as volunteering during VBS, Christmas Program and other activities Good Shepherd may hold, as well participating in youth events sponsored by the United Methodist Church both at national and conference levels.
  • Encourage participation in long-term mission activities and work with the Children’s Education Director to provide opportunities.
  • Adhere to and enforce all safe sanctuary policies
  • Create, submit and maintain a budget that has been approved by Finance and Ad Board. 
  •  Facilitate open communication between the youth and the congregation.
  • Positive action and example to promote a good attitude to the life/growth of the whole Church family.
  • Supervision of voluntary staff, if necessary.
  • A willingness to be available for any youth needing a safe person to talk with outside of youth hours.
Working Conditions  This position is a part-time, hourly position that requires flexibility in hours available for work.  We consider it a quarter time position but recognize that the amount of time each week may vary.  

Contact: Debbie DeLue and Nathan Montgomery

Address: 3960 E 128th Ave Thornton CO 80241

Phone: 303-457-9267

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