Operations Director

August 13, 2023

Support the work of Operations volunteers and staff through clear communication, organized project and task
lists, scheduling, and support project planning and execution as needed.
● Maintain communication with external Operations partners, including coordinating inspections and responding
to contract needs.
● Work with the Operations volunteers and staff to ensure that our facilities are well-maintained, meet
government regulations and environmental, health, and security standards and coordinate or perform related
tasks as needed.
● Work with the Finance team and Operations team to manage budgets and ensure cost-effectiveness.
● Work closely with church leadership to support project needs in a wide variety of areas including building
projects, preschool needs, ministry projects and events, communications, and church administration.
● Communicate often, effectively and clearly with stakeholders including Ad Board and staff
● Maintain a strong office presence to be available to staff, volunteers, visitors and others.

● Full time, hourly, non-exempt - $16.00 to $18.00 an hour
● Expected working hours:
○ Meetings (Tuesdays): All-staff, Operations Team
○ Expected/normal in-office hours Monday thru Friday, 9:00am to 5:00 pm unless otherwise negotiated
● Direct Supervisor: Lead Pastor
● Direct Reports: N/A

If you are interested in this position please fill out this form: https://sunriseumc.shelbynextchms.com/external/form/af72c611-04e4-4fbf-b340-d35d56df5637.

Contact: Tiffany Keith

Address: 2655 Briargate Blvd Colorado Springs CO 80920

Phone: 719-598-7013

Email: Click to email