Accounting Manager Columbine United Church, Littleton, Colorado.

September 13, 2023

Accounting Manager
Columbine United Church is currently looking for an Accounting Manager to create a yearly budget,
perform and oversee bookkeeping duties such as generating checks and invoices, and reconcile the
accounting system on a monthly basis. The ideal candidate will gradually automate and modernize our
current systems for efficiency and ease. This role will take approximately 25-30 hours per week with
partial remote work and flexible hours. Pay is $30 per hour. Listed below are some of the high level
functions that this position will be responsible to perform:

Operational Functions - The ideal candidate will work closely with the church Financial Secretary
to record deposits, prepare giving statements, and manage church member accounts. This position will
prepare biweekly ADP payroll for church staff and pay invoices for church expenses. Other operational
tasks include, but are not limited to: paying staff credit cards, creating invoices for church facility rentals,
and generating end of year tax documents (generating 1099s and distributing W-2s).
Managerial Functions - The Accounting Manager will have oversight of program budgets and
operating expenses and effectively communicate budget execution status to church staff and volunteer
committee chairs on a regular basis. This role will work closely with the Facilities Manager and help
advocate for the church in existing maintenance contracts and facilities issues. The Accounting Manager
will meet weekly with the Senior Pastor and serve as the liaison to the Columbine United Church Finance

Reporting Functions - The Accounting Manager will prepare manual, monthly financial
statements using data from Realm and QuickBooks. These statements then are reported to CUC Council
and communicated by the 4th Monday of the following month. Other reporting functions will be
performed as requested and necessary during Stewardship season, tax year-end, and other times of the

Candidate Qualifications:
● Accounting degree and 2+ years accounting experience
● Flexible attitude and willingness to work on a small, tight-knit team
● Attention to detail
● Strong communication skills
● Realm Experience Preferred

Contact: Michelle Noyes

Address: 6375 S. Platte Canyon Rd. Littleton CO 80123

Phone: 303-798-1845

Email: Click to email