Accompanist - Heritage UMC, Littleton, Colorado

June 20, 2017

  1. Position Summary
    1. The Accompanist will play at all worship services and will rehearse weekly with the Chancel Choir, soloists, and special groups.
  1. Principle Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Play piano or keyboard for 8:30 and 10:30 am (10:00 am in summer) Sunday morning worship services, as needed.  In addition, the accompanist will play for worship services throughout the year.
    2. Rehearse twice weekly with the Chancel Choir.  Once during a weekday evening for one hour and on Sunday morning before worship begins.
    3. Rehearse with other groups or soloists, when necessary, for special Sunday music, or for other church programming.  This will be coordinated by the Choir Director and/or the Pastor.
    4. Notify the Choir Director and/or Pastor if the organ or pianos need tuning or special repair.
    5. If Accompanist is going to be absent for Sunday Service, a notification must be made in advance so that arrangements can be made for a substitute.
  1. Additional Duties
    1. The Accompanist is expected to play for all weddings, funerals and memorial services scheduled at Heritage UMC.  (Additional payments are made directly to Accompanist by those involved.)  Only the Pastor and Accompanist may allow someone other than Heritage’s Accompanist to play for any of the above services. 
    2. Attendance at all Worship Committee meetings is required.
    3. Coordinate with the Choir Director and Pastor to provide suitable music for services of worship and other programs.
  1. Educational Requirements
    1. A degree in music or an associate field is preferred, plus considerable experience with accompanying during worship services in a variety of music styles from traditional hymns and choral pieces to more contemporary Christian songs.
    2. Ability to sight-read music.
    3. Continuing education is encouraged.  Financial assistance may be available as funds permit and approval of the Pastor.
  1. Supervision
    1. Responsible to the Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Committee, and works closely with the Choir Director. 
    2. Staff Parish Relations Committee will review performance of this position on an annual basis.
  1. Salary
    1. Reimbursement for this staff position shall be an amount recommended by the Staff Parish Relations Committee, with final approval made by the Church Council.
  2. Staff positions and salaries will be reviewed on an annual basis.
  1. Vacation
    1. 4 Sundays and Wednesday Rehearsals.
    2. Arrangements are to be made with the Chancel Director and Pastor.

Address: 7077 S. Simms Street Littleton CO 80127

Phone: (303) 979-8374

Email: Click to email

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