Church Music Leader - Scott UMC, Denver, Colorado

February 19, 2018

Scott United Methodist Church is actively seeking a Church Music Leader who will direct/play for the choir and congregation for worship services each Sunday (except on the 2nd and 5th Sunday) of each month, and for special services. The Church Music Leader must be able to play contemporary, gospel, hymns, and traditional songs, utilizing preferably the organ/piano.  The Senior pastor will oversee the worship themes.  The Church Music Leader, in conjunction with the Worship Committee, will select music to compliment the worship themes. 

The Church Music Leader must be able to plan, coordinate, guide/direct and communicate the vision of the music ministry’s direction in a manner that inspires the entire congregation to join in the pursuit of our collective church vision.

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For more information contact the SUMC office at 303-322-8967


  • Collaborate with the pastor and worship leaders to plan worship services, special services, seasonal events and select appropriate music.
  • ​Lead choir rehearsals (currently scheduled for 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday evenings)
  • Play organ, piano, and/or other instruments to meet musical needs of worship services.
  • Ability to lead a choir using four part harmony (SATB).
  • Play for special services throughout the year (i.e. Lenten Services, weddings, funerals, etc.); additional compensation is provided.
  • Direct congregational singing, as well as choirs, praise teams, and instrumentalists.
  • Seek guest musicians on selected Sundays, other occasions, and in the absence of the choir. 


  • Have strong skills as a choir director: rehearsal planning and pacing, choral conducting, repertoire planning, etc.
  • Flexible musical palette, knowledge of sacred music and ability to a variety of musical genres, including contemporary, gospel, hymns, and traditional songs that inspire and enhance worship.
  • Positive and relational leadership style that helps create a positive and uplifting experience for volunteer musicians and singers
  • The ability to teach people with varying degrees of musical knowledge.
  • Desire and ability to build musical excellence in the church.
  • Desire and ability to participate fully in the life of a growing church.
  • A personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Prefer at least 2 years of experience working with choirs in a sacred setting

Preferred Qualifications

  • A spirit of collaboration with the pastor, staff members, and worship planners.
  • Skilled in playing the organ and piano.
  • Skilled as an accompanist to lead congregational singing, choir, and soloists as necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Church Music Leader is required to:
    • practice/rehearse/attend choir rehearsals.
    • Wesleyan Choir – usually Wed. evenings
    • Special choirs – as needed TBD
  • Establish a covenant of Choir decorum.
  • play every Sunday of every month, (except the second  and fifth Sunday of each month) and will arrive 30 minutes prior to all services.
  • have choir prepared to begin services on time.
  • assign a choir member to serve as song leader to assist with congregational songs.
  • maintain the music materials and maintain care of instruments with the Board of Trustees.
  • meet a minimum of once a quarter (All musicians/Children and Youth Directors/Worship Ministry/Pastor) to coordinate themes for worship and to  plan music ministry for services.
  • meet with the music ministry team and pastor once a month.
  • contact the pastor/church administrative assistant to provide hymn numbers, names of music or other details related to music by Tuesday morning prior to the ensuing Sunday service, so that the Order of Service bulletins may be prepared in a timely manner.
  • perform other duties as requested.
  1. The Church Music Leader, in consultation with the Musicians, Pastor, and Worship Ministry may invite guest musicians to share on selected Sundays and during summer vacation months.   (Soloist, guest musicians, guest children’s choirs or groups may be invited to share.)  Prior approval from Pastor/Worship Ministry is required.
  2. The Church Music Leader may be asked to play for special services throughout the year i.e. Lent service, etc. and will be compensated for the services.
  3. The Church Music Leader will adhere to Safe Sanctuary policies when working with children and adults.
  4. The Church Music Leader will participate in a Staff Orientation and adhere to all policies and procedures outlined in the SUMC Staff Reference Manual.


  • The Church Music Leader will receive compensation ranging from $200-$350 based on skill level. 
  • A stipend of $75 will be paid for all approved special and external performances.
  • Time sheets must be completed and submitted to the Pastor for signature the third Sunday of each month. When there are five Sundays in a month time sheets are to be submitted the 4th Sunday of the month.  Pay for the 5th Sunday will be included in the following month’s check.  Checks are issued on the 4th Friday.


  • Requested time off is allowed without compensation.
  • Leave forms (vacation/personal) must be completed at least 30 days ahead of time (if possible) and submitted to the SPPRC liaison with a plan for coverage.
  • Notification of cancellation of rehearsals must be made to the pastor/SPPRC chair. 
  • Provide a contingency plan to be implemented in the absence of the Church Music Leader or other music staff or choir. A copy is to be provided to the Pastor and SPPRC chair.
  • In emergency situations the Church Music Leader must notify the Pastor/SPPRC Chair (in the absence of the Pastor).
  • An Emergency Contact form must be completed and will be retained at Scott.


  • The position is supervised by the Pastor in consultation with the SPPRC.
  • All employees will have a Background Check done, prior to employment.
  • Reference checks will be done.
  • Prior to the Annual Charge Conference, an annual Performance evaluation will be done by employee, pastor and SPPRC to suggest ways to improve working conditions and in other ways enhance the overall effectiveness of the church operation.
  • Goals for the coming year can be discussed and agreed upon at this time.

Contact: Daphne L. Hunter/SPPRC

Address: 2880 Garfield Street Denver CO 80205

Phone: 303-322-8967

Email: Click to email