Custodian - Christ United Methodist Church, Fort Collins, Colorado

March 30, 2018

Purpose of position: To maintain the church building at 301 E. Drake Road, Fort Collins, CO.

Responsible to: Staff Parish Relations Committee and Pastor


  1. Good time management skills
  2. Ability to communicate with staff and public
  3. Good working relationship with church staff and Pastor
  4. Ability to be flexible with the needs of the building use
  5. Able to work independently
  6. Effective problem-solving skills
  • 1) Maintain the cleanliness of the building at 301 E. Drake Road, including but not limited to:
    • General cleaning of the building on a regular basis such as:
      • Floors
      • Windows and doors
      • Restrooms including fixtures
      • Trash removal from all rooms
    •  Cleaning on an as needed basis:
      • Dusting
      • Office cleaning beyond vacuuming
      • Cleaning of the kitchen beyond the floors
      • Snow removal from the sidewalks leading from the doors to the parking lots
  • 2) Light bulb replacement as needed.
    • Help needed to replace bulbs in hanging can lights in sanctuary
  • 3) Complete light maintenance such as toilet back up and emergency clean ups, notify a member of the trustees committee or church office manager for other maintenance needs.
  • 4) Maintain the kitchen cleaning supplies, (cups, napkins, etc. will be supplied by the kitchen committee) and restroom supplies by informing the secretary of the supplies needing to be ordered. Authorized purchase of supplies will be reimbursed with proper documentation.
  • 5) Extra tasks on a requested basis:
    • Set up fellowship hall as requested for special events
    • Clean up before and after weddings and other private events (will be paid an extra fee for this by the party using the facility)
  • Additional duties as requested by other staff members, Staff Parish Relations committee members, or Pastor.
  • Attend staff meetings as able.
Time required: 35 to 40 hours per week

If you are interested in this position, please contact Tim Jones at

Contact: Tim Jones

Address: 301 E Drake Rd Fort Collins CO 80525

Phone: (970) 226-2341

Email: Click to email