Director of Music Ministries - Park Hill UMC, Denver, Colorado

September 13, 2017

Director of Music Ministry - Full Time



  • Diverse musical skills and experience including experience in traditional, contemporary, and gospel styles of music and worship
  • Prior leadership experience in a Christian musical group such as a choir or praise band
  • Ability to identify and develop musical talent
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Demonstrated commitment to Jesus Christ and the local church

Preferred Experience:

  • Musical training
  • Working knowledge of sound and multi-media equipment and worship software
  • Ability to teach and engage all people in music and worship arts

Illustrated Tasks:

  • Plan and lead weekly choir/worship team rehearsal and worship; select and coordinate special musical presentations for worship, especially in cooperation with accompanist and pastor
  • Serve as a leader in the worship services, giving direction to the congregation during singing, to the choir/worship team, and to other areas of worship
  • Work collaboratively with pastors, other staff, and volunteers; participate in worship committee meetings and staff meetings
  • Budget for, maintain, and organize the music library and order music, supplies, and equipment as necessary for all related areas.
  • Provide open and timely communication about worship music to the church office for bulletins, newsletters, master calendar, etc.
  • Recruit volunteers and encourage “open doors” for involvement in music ministry
  • Train and develop vocalists and instrumentalists of all ages
  • Plan and lead music such as choral/ensemble/solo performances for seasonal worship services and/or special events throughout the church year such as Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas
  • As needed, assist in the selection and provision of appropriate music for weddings, funerals, special projects, and other church related activities


  • Chancel Choir and Gospel Choir
  • Conducting and leading the church’s Choirs is the primary responsibility of the Director of Music Ministries. This includes music planning, recruiting members, oversight of regular rehearsals, preparation of the choir for their participation in the church’s Sunday morning worships, organization and leadership for special choral events and conducting the choirs during the Sunday morning worship services.

Oversight of Church Musician(s)

The church’s musicians are under the direction of the Director of Music Ministries. The Director is responsible for hiring all additional musicians with oversight from the Senior Pastor.


The Director shall give counsel to the Senior Pastor concerning appropriate music for the Sunday worship services including the selection of hymns, special music, anthems and service music. It is understood that the Senior Pastor is ultimately responsible for the church’s worship program and the Director’s role is advisory. The Director will participate with the Ministry Team in planning worship services.

Special Events

Certain seasons and holidays are particularly significant in the life of the church and may call for special musical activities. Examples of such events would include but not be limited to: Christmas cantatas, Ash Wednesday anthem, Palm Sunday musicals, Holy Week services, special Easter Services, weddings, and funerals. At such seasons and events, the Director should be prepared to offer advice and counsel to the Senior Pastor with regard to appropriate musical services both within and outside the context of a regular Sunday Worship Service.

Music, Records Maintenance and Budget

The Music Director shall be responsible for the purchase, care and filing of music for the church. They shall annually present a budget to the church’s Finance Committee that should include funds for the purchase of said music. The Music Director shall be responsible for preparation of a budget for all the church’s music needs. This shall include music purchases, instrument care and maintenance, office supplies for the music department, instrument purchase and all other associated expenses.

Vision and Recruitment

The Director will look for ways to expand music education and ministry in the church, through adding or enlarging children’s choirs, youth choirs, bell choirs, praise bands, praise teams, liturgical dance troupes, and other forms of ministry involving the performing arts. The Director will always be on the lookout for people of faith with musical talents, and seek to help them find ways to use and develop their gifts.

Assist with Other Church Programs

The Director should be available to other church groups to give advice and counsel concerning the selection of appropriate music for their activities. The Director shall not be responsible to be present or to perform any functions at the meetings of specific small groups within the church. All such requests to do so shall be understood as requests only and not a part of the Director’s job responsibilities.


  • We estimate the needed hours for the responsibilities of this position to require about 40 hours a week
  • Compensation will be based on experience, potential of applicant, and will be competitive with other similar positions
If interested, please send resume and cover letter to or mail to address below

Contact: Nathan Adams

Address: 5209 Montview Blvd. denver CO 80207

Phone: 303-322-1867

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