Director of Worship & the Arts - Lakewood UMC, Lakewood, Colorado

November 17, 2016

Lakewood UMC is seeking a creative and dynamic Director of Worship & the Arts who will provide leadership over all music programs. This person will help create weekly worship services that are inspiring, challenging, and transformative. He or she will be a team member actively planning and coordinating with lead pastor and staff as well as offering spiritual leadership and oversight to the lay people within music programs. This person will consistently model an authentic discipleship lifestyle and seek to help people deepen their own commitment to discipleship (as outlined ¶120 of our 2012 Book of Discipline).

Essential Functions

  • Select and provide music for all worship services and events.
  • Recruit, develop, conduct, and lead people in the music ministry.
  • Provide musical support for special services throughout the year.
  • Active planning and coordination with Lead Pastor.
  • Create a healthy culture of spiritual growth and Christian Discipleship.
  • Create music that syncs traditional choral music with indie folk band, we want a layered musical experience for Sunday morning gatherings, i.e. the organ and acoustic guitar, gospel choruses, trumpets and fiddles. 
Specific Responsibilities:
  • Director of Choir, hand bell choirs, vocal ensembles, and occasional instrumental ensembles, and Indie-folk band. This direction will include rehearsal, performance and planning.
  • Supervise and direct Accompanist
  • Plan, organize, and implement special music programs e.g. Christmas, Easter, summer, as required by the Lead Pastor
  • Coordinate worship participation with children’s choir volunteers.
  • Oversee the organization of the music library for the chancel and bell choirs: order new music, maintain all music in appropriate files, and order and maintain equipment as needed.
  • Manage the music budget in consultation with the Worship Arts Team.
  • Maintain communication with the pastoral staff, program staff, the Worship Arts Team, and sound and video team to assist in the implementation and coordination of church programming.
  • Attend Worship meetings as called by the Lead Pastor.
  • Support through his/her presence, services of worship other than Sunday morning, and assist in securing music leadership for those services.
  • Maintain organ, piano, instruments, and bells.
  • Responsible for set-up and take down of special concerts and events, or assigning this to other responsible individuals.
  • Create two community oriented “City-Events” that make use of musical talent but also build relationships outside the walls of traditional church.
Qualifications and Skills:
  • Experience and professional training in church music and conducting.
  • Demonstrated spiritual leadership in the Christian faith
  • Working knowledge of diverse range of Christian music from traditional hymns to modern worship music, including indie-folk worship music.
  • Warm and encouraging attitude for musicians of all skill levels
  • Knowledge of basic music history, theory, and styles
  • Ability to solve problems
  • Basic word processing, electronic communication, and other computer skills
  • Ability to work in and with groups
  • Ability to read and direct music
 Qualified Candidates will email resume and letter of intent to

Contact: Lead Pastor Dale Fredrickson

Address: 1390 Brentwood St. Lakewood CO 80214

Phone: 303-335-5709

Email: Click to email