Director - Wesley Foundation, First United Methodist Church, Fort Collins, Colorado

August 17, 2017

The Wesley Foundation Director is the spiritual and organizational leader of The United Methodist Church campus ministry programs and services in Fort Collins, Colorado. With support from FCFUMC, the Wesley Foundation Board of Directors and the Rocky Mountain Conference (RMC), he/she is responsible for implementing student activities that promote and support the FCFUMC mission, “to provide college students a place to belong in community, develop discipleship, to grow in faith, to encounter the Holy in worship and to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ.”

  • Develop and implement programs to carry out the vision and mission of FCFUMC to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • Establish outreach programs to encourage and attract students to participate in Wesley Foundation programs and activities.
  • Attend Sunday worship at FCFUMC.
  • Develop and train student leaders through the internship program and by encouraging many to lead worship, study, outreach and social activities.
  • Guide student leaders, lay sponsors, and others in planning activities that minster to the whole person in spiritual, service, study and social activities.
  • Participate in the RMC Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry as well as general church activities focused on college ministries.
  • Work collegially with the FCFUMC worship design team to develop worship for people of all ages.
  • Find ways to collaborate with other campus ministry programs on the CSU campus to strengthen the presence of a positively oriented Christian faith.
  • Relate to students on a personal level as mentor and confidant.
  • Encourage “open minded” discussions on theological and social issues.
  • Encourage students to provide services at FCFUMC or other congregations where opportunities exist, such as choir, bands, youth ministry, childrens ministry, and so forth.
  • On occasion, organize and lead mission trips domestically and internationally.
  • Develop relationships with prospective students and their families.
  • Promote awareness of the Wesley Foundation by connecting with United Methodist Churches in the region through personal contacts, speaking engagements and other correspondence.

Contact: Rev. Cynthia Paquette, Executive Pastor

Address: 1005 Stover Street Fort Collins CO 80524

Phone: 970-482-2436

Email: Click to email