Finance Manager - Mountain View UMC, Boulder, Colorado

July 18, 2016

Mountain View United Methodist Church (MVUMC) in Boulder, CO, is seeking a part-time Finance Manager. This person will oversee the financial systems of the church, and work with the Senior Minister, Church Administrator, and Finance and Endowment Committees. The position requires a sound knowledge of accounting procedures and experience with various bookkeeping software. We currently use MultiLedger. Familiarity with church systems is preferred. Experience in a small business is also helpful. A successful candidate should also be familiar with Microsoft Office suite.
The position requires the ability to project the positive, caring persona of MVUMC, interacting in a friendly manner and responding to requests in a precise and timely manner.
The successful candidate will be a self-starter and work with minimal supervision. The Finance Manager should be flexible in their approach to cashflow variations and be able to prioritize appropriately. Clear, concise communication skills and reports to the various church staff/committees are essential.
Salary Range: $20-22 per hour
Hours: 16/wk
Applications received before August 10 will receive preference

Submit resumes to:


Mountain View United Methodist Church
355 Ponca Place
Boulder, CO 80303
Attn: Ryan Kirkpatrick



  • Remit payroll information to PAYCHEX, our payroll servicing firm
  • Maintain Payroll records
  • Maintain sick leave and vacation leave records
Accounts Payable
  • Review all invoices and requests for disbursement, verifying appropriate authorizations.
  • Pay accounts payable according to priorities established by Finance Committee with consultation from Senior Minister, and as cash flow allows.
  • Manage deposits and expenditures from Designated Funds
  • Maintain files on all investments given to the church. Create and follow up on requests for stock transfers.
General Record Keeping
  • Obtain Corporate Resolutions, as needed by banking and investment firms.
  • Attend all Finance Committee meetings and all Church Council meetings.
  • Offer suggestions for improving the financial recording, documenting, and financial position of the church.
  • Maintain signature records for all bank accounts. Obtain a second authorized signature for checks over $5,000.
  • Support the yearly church budget process.
  • Support the yearly input to the Conference.
  • Assist in negotiations for mortgages and other loans.
  • Pay mortgage in a timely fashion.
  • Establish and maintain purchase authorization process.
  • Assist Finance Committee in budgeting process, through approval by Church Council, then enter completed budget figures into the Accounts
  • Other tasks as assigned.

Accounts Receivable

  • Invoice and collect “overhead” payments from Mountain View Preschool
  • Invoice and collect rents from other users.
  • Invoice and collect worker’s compensation payments from Mountain View Preschool


  • Manage the monthly cash swings that result from low monthly contributions so that we are able to complete payment of our critical bills throughout the year. Advise Finance Committee and staff of all “open” bills.
  • Prepare for the Finance Committee a projected cash flow forward for final distribution of budget distribution.


  • Report to Senior Pastor and Staff on a regular basis using monthly reports format.
  • Report monthly to Finance Committee
  • Report to Church Council per meeting.
  • Report to lay leadership, as they desire, either on a regular basis or via Church Council
  • Work with Finance Committee to create brief financial reports for the bulletin and newsletter.
  • Report to the Congregation monthly in Messenger


  • Work with families and Permanent Endowment Chair to disburse general bequests to the appropriate three funds: Permanent Endowment (1/3) Building Reserve Fund (1/3) and Operating Fund (1/3)

Contact: Ryan Kirkpatrick

Address: 355 Ponca Place Boulder CO 80303

Email: Click to email