Financial Secretary - First UMC, Fort Collins, Colorado

March 26, 2018

The First United Methodist Church in Fort Collins, Colorado is seeking a financial secretary.

Duties include:

1. Bookkeeping

  • Coordinates with volunteer teams to get Sunday deposit counted and to the bank
  • Makes mid-week deposit to the bank
  • Posts all revenue to contribution database
2. Correspondence
  • Prepare and mail quarterly statements of giving
  • Send acknowledgments to donors and family of the deceased for all memorial donations
  • Send acknowledgements as requested or required for special donations
  • Provide information on memorial donations to the Trustees or Memorial Committee
3. Stewardship
  • During the pledge drive, work with the Stewardship Committee to:
  • Record pledges as they are received
  • Send thank you letters verifying the pledge amount
  • Inform the Finance Committee of pledges received
  • Post individual pledges to the contribution database
4. Organize Associated Volunteers
  • Train and coordinate the money-counting teams
  • Insure that enough volunteers are available to count Sunday collections
  • Arrange for a volunteer to help with mid-week deposit
  • Ensure two people are always present during money handling
  • Train and coordinate volunteers to assist with correspondence

5. Wider Mission
  • Calculate the monthly wider mission amount and submit a check request for payment

To apply, or for more information on this position, please contact Scott C. Schroeder at or 970-482-2436

Contact: Scott C. Schroeder

Address: 1005 Stover St. Fort Collins CO 80524

Phone: 970-482-2436

Email: Click to email