Great Escape Parent’s Day Out Program Director - Littleton UMC, Littleton, Colorado

July 18, 2016


Director of Great Escape (GE) for Littleton United Methodist Church (LUMC)


To direct the overall operation on GE


Shall be at least 21 years of age and shall hold a letter of verification of Director qualifications from the State of Colorado Office of Child Care Services. Degree in Early Childhood Education is preferred. Experience visioning and growing a program is required. Must be a self-starter, possess strong interpersonal skills, be able to lead, motivate and manage staff and possess strong fiscal and budget knowledge. Education experience in a Christian setting is a plus.


Shall evidence an interest in and a knowledge of children and concern for their proper care and well-being and be free from any disability which will adversely impact job performance and free of any evidence present or past of personal conduct which may be injurious to children; complete training in universal precautions within 6 months of employment, and shall complete a minimum of 6 clock hours of verified in-service, workshop or conference training per year. Any applicant shall have a personal background check before being hired and may be subject to any subsequent checks during the term of employment. Keep energy level, enthusiasm and pride high.


  • Operate and maintain the program in accordance with the Colorado Department of Social Services and LUMC requirements. This will include but not be limited to child abuse, fire drills, tornadoes, blizzards, lost children and injury of a child.
  • Closely supervise the day-to- day operation of the program (Staff, Children, Parents, Visitors, Inspect Facility).
  • Ensure a proper first aid kit is maintained and checked monthly for facility and each classroom.
  • Ensure that all necessary emergency phone numbers are posted.
  • Plan and implement mission, center goals, educational goals and objectives and oversee curriculum development in conjunction with Great Escape Board of Directors (GEBD) and/or Director of Children’s Ministry.
  • Develop multi-year plan to meet mission and goals in conjunction with GEBD and/or Director of Children’s Ministry.
  • Plan and implement orientation, Open House, Thanksgiving Feast, Spring Music Program and all other programs.
  • Plan and monitor administration of Helping Parent program.
  • Coordinate enrollment/registration of children.
  • Prepare policy handbooks for distribution to staff and parents.
  • Maintain program/family files on PC Database.
  • Maintain a record of all parent contacts (for injury/illness or disciplinary problems).
  • Store closed program and family files for a minimum of three years after closure.


  • Establish overall annual program budget which will include salary and fee structure. Obtain approval from GEBD and LUMC finance committee.
  • Collect monthly program fees, input into PC financial program and prepare deposits weekly.
  • Prepare bi-weekly payroll of staff and submit to church office administrator.
  • Coordinate all program purchases.
  • Operate program within annual approved budget.
  • Prepare and present monthly financial statements with support of LUMC Business Administrator to GEBD maintaining record of performance to budget.
  • Oversee fund-raisers.
  • Maintain records of purchase made by all staff members and reimburse.


  • Recruit and hire staff.
  • Terminate any member of the staff when required.
  • Supervise all staff members.
  • Plan and implement staff development; maintain training records.
  • Conduct staff meetings, seminars and/or workshops.
  • Maintain personnel files on all staff members.
  • Conduct staff evaluations as needed with formal evaluations not less than annually.
  • Secure and approve monthly curriculum plans from all staff members.
  • Provide substitute list to all staff members.
  • Provide teacher appreciation gifts.


  • Coordinate program publicity.
  • Attend Church Staff meetings, Great Escape Board of Director meetings, Administrative Council meetings and Children’s Council meetings or have a representative attend on your behalf. This will allow the church to be informed regarding all aspects of the program.
  • Attend workshops/seminars and other church meetings, as required.
  • Be familiar with the ministries of Littleton United Methodist Church and represent those programs to GE participants.
  • Maintain open lines of communication among all staff members both in GE and LUMC.
  • Maintain prompt and effective parent communication.


  • 40 hrs/week; 42 weeks per year August through mid-June; Director would be expected to handleany issues which come up during the time between 6/5 and 8/1 related to the program.
  • Salaried position paid over 12 months
  • There are no paid vacation or health insurance benefits. The program will pay required amounts of Medicare Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, and other benefits required by law.
  • Program closes Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Good Friday, and Littleton Public Schools Spring Break. (Program follows LPS calendar)
  • Employee shall serve at will and nothing in this job description shall be construed as interfering with the employee at will status.


  • Senior Pastor and Great Escape Board of Directors

Contact: Lisa Perkins

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