Hymnals - Haswell UMC, Cheyenne Wells, CO

December 30, 2019

Looking for approximately 20 1989 United Methodist Hymnals in decent shape. Preferably they are not falling apart or missing pages, matching color is not a necessity if the pianist/accompaniment edition is available. This is for a very small congregation out in Eastern Colorado.  Currently, we do not have any Methodist hymnals, not even the old version.  If you are no longer using hymnals and would be willing to share, this congregation has no internet or computer equipment available to project hymns, so they still hold books to sing.  Thank you for considering sharing, if you are no longer singing directly from books.

Contact: Janita Krayniak

Address: PO Box 154 Cheyenne Wells CO 80810

Phone: 478-335-0540

Email: Click to email